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Why do I have an ugly black outline around my text?

When you put an image over a background (like a web page background), the image usually needs to have some semi-transparent pixels in order for it to blend in to any background.

But this is a problem for animated text, because the animated .GIF format doesn't support semi-transparent pixels. This is just a restriction of .GIF files.

So to get rid of ugly black edges in animated text, you need to match the "Background colour" setting in Glowtxt to the background where you're going to use the text.

For example, if you plan on using the image on a web page with a dark background, then it may not be necessary to change anything.

But if you want to put the text on a web page with a white background, or if you want to post it to Facebook for example, it will look much better if you change the background colour setting on Glowtxt.

Please see the FAQ section called Matching text background colour with page background for information on how to do this and examples.

Also, have a look at Using Glowtxt images on Facebook if you're making text for posting on Facebook.

Note that non-animated text does not have this problem as much, since it supports semi-transparent pixels (.PNG format), and so can blend in better to different backgrounds.

My text is missing numbers and/or punctuation marks

Some text styles and fonts only support a limited range of characters, so sometimes things like question marks or even numbers can be missing.

They are replaced by a blank space, or a box or some other character, depending on the font.

The only thing to do in this situation is to try a different font style, or see if you can re-word your text to avoid the missing characters (e.g. using "one","two","three" instead of 1,2,3).

I tried to use one of the fonts listed under "Other fonts" but just got blank spaces or weird characters?

The fonts listed under "Other fonts" in the style drop-down box are for different languages support, so they don't always work well with English (or Latin-based) text.

If you want to make text appear in the script of another language such as Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese etc., you will need to either type or copy and paste text that is already in that script.

For example, as a test, you can use something like Google Translate to first translate something into one of these scripts, and then copy and paste it in to the Glowtxt text box.

The text I made doesn't look like the style that I selected

The style examples on the front page of Glowtxt are made with different "Glow Effect:" settings.

Most of them use the "Outline" setting, but some use "None" (e.g. Yours Truly, Alien_Invasion etc.) or "Super" (e.g. Mr Frosty, Frontier, Platform Two etc.).

So if you want your text to look exactly like the example, you may need to change the glow setting first.

I saved animated text on my iPhone/iPad but the animation is not playing

Animated .GIF images don't automatically play in the normal Photos app on an iPhone or iPad.

You will most likely need to use an app such as "GIF Viewer" to see the animations.

However, even if the animation is not showing, it's still there and so it can work on other sites or apps that support animated .GIFs.

I used "Copy Image Address/URL" in the web browser and now the image is not working?

If you need an image link - please don't use "Copy Image Address" to get the link for the image - just click/tap on the "Get Web Code" button and copy & paste the "Direct link" image address from there.

This way the image won't disappear after a short amount of time.

I'm getting an "Image is Unavailable - Hotlinking not supported" message

This can happen if you're trying to directly link to the image on Glowtxt (e.g. by using the image URL) instead of downloading it or using the "Get Web Code" button.

Please note also that any images created are automatically deleted off the Glowtxt server after 36 hours.

So for example, if you leave the Glowtxt download page open in a browser, and come back in a few days and refresh the page, the old image will no longer be available and you will get the "Image is Unavailable" message.