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Use our glowing text anywhere you can use animated .gif graphics.
This could be your myspace profile, personal website, blog, discussion forums, or sites like hi5, friendster, orkut, bebo, facebook, skyrock..

If your site doesn't display .gif animations, you can always select the "non-animated" option on the generator to get a smaller, non-animated glowing font.

Glowing text usually works better with a dark background colour.
Experiment with the Outline colour - if the outline is the same colour as the background on your page, the glowing text may look better.

You can use non-english accented characters with most of the text styles.
If a character you need isn't working, try using a different text style. Different fonts will support different characters.

..and ...not all the styles are visible on the front page, there's some more hiding in the drop-down list as well!