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Note: It seems that there is a company trading as "Glotxt Ltd." which operates a premium rate competition called "Crazywin" (and maybe others). Some people have been receiving unexpected charges from this competition/service.

We would like to clarify that we have no connection with this company - does not provide any services related to premium rate text messages.

If you think you have been overcharged or scammed by unwanted items on your phone bill, please first try calling your mobile operator and insist that you haven't authorised the charges. In the UK, you can find more information at the website of the premium rate services regulator - the Phone-paid Services Authority.

You can also try contacting "Glotxt Ltd." - their website appears to be at

If you're using an Android phone, also be aware that there are a number of rogue apps around that can perform unwanted actions on your phone. If you're unsure of the integrity of a recently installed app, try googling reviews for it.

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