FAQ / Help pages - Other questions

Can I use the designs created for any purpose?

We use freely available fonts as the basis for the styles on Glowtxt.

As far as we know, the fonts used on Glowtxt are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

However we suggest checking the license of the font if unsure (fonts are listed on the font list page).

Where can I download the font file for a certain text style?

The styles on Glowtxt are usually named differently to the actual fonts used for creating that style.

Please look at the font list page to see the font used for each style name.

You can find many of these fonts on sites such as, and others.

How can I add Glowtxt to a Chromebook?

You can go to the Glowtxt Chrome Web Store page and install it from there, or you can try just typing in glowtxt in the ChromeOS search bar.

What's all this about fonts? My phone company told me that I've been overcharged by "Glow Text"!

We're still getting a small number of emails about a company operating as "Glotxt" running a premium rate phone competition.

This has nothing to do with this website, - Please see the message on the contact page for more details!

I have a problem trying to do something on Glowtxt, or something is too difficult to use

Please let us know on the contact page if you're having a problem with something.

It might be something we hadn't thought about that can be easily fixed.

Where can I see the latest updates?

Please see the Glowtxt Facebook page for individual updates, there is also a list of changes on the about page.

How can I help support Glowtxt?

Thanks for asking!

It would be awesome if you could give a link back to on your project / website / blog / YouTube channel / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc.!

How can I contact you?

You can contact Glowtxt on the contact page or by posting on the Glowtxt Facebook page.